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Service Providers

ARCHITRE: Sustainable Projects and Planning

The team at Architre pride themselves on assisting you in building your innovative, beautiful, sustainable home. Meet Luca Bologna from the team at Architre as he gives his opinion on the state of architecture in Perth today.

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Design Button

Pernille from Design Button has specialised in sustainable and energy-efficient design for a decade and works alongside her husband to cleverly design new homes as well as renovations and additions to existing homes, and create furniture and joinery

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Green Homes

Darren is a registered builder specializing in building energy efficient homes. He tests all his designs with an energy assessor before building to make sure that they are the best value for the cost from an energy use standpoint before he starts to build.

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Indian Ocean Building Company

Meirion Powell from the Indian Ocean Building company believes in modern, progressive and innovative ways to approach building. Meirion and his team care for the environment and believe in creating buildings that do not have a harsh impact on the environment, so there is something left behind for future generations

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Co-Operation Housing

Co-operation housing is a Not for Profit that helps support people wanting to live in Co-Housing arrangements. They can assist with everything from ongoing maintenance, finances, and guiding the organisational structures of your group. They are also passionate advocates of this way of living

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Naturaliste Land Surveys

Naturaliste Land Surveys is involved in the development of land & re-establishment & creation of new boundaries through the subdivision process.

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Hempcrete WA

Hempcrete WA specialize in building and designing with Hempcrete. With over 11 years of experience as a handyman, Mikkel discusses how he helps his clients.

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Specialising in Passive solar design, Ecotecture aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce your homes ecological footprint. Ecotecture was founded by architect Matt Wallwork in 1997 with a goal to create beautiful buildings that resonate with the environment

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Highbury Homes

The Highbury Group, made up of Highbury Homes, MetroStrata Developments, and mygen homes, builds a wide range of homes from granny flats to strata developments to $2 million houses and also offers sustainable hybrid homes. No matter your building needs, the Highbury Group will be able to create something to suit you.

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Diamond Daylighting

If you have rooms that need lights turned on during the day, or wet areas that constantly smell musty and damp, If you have rooms that are unbearably hot in summer, You really want to give Mark a call to talk about skylight options.

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Michael Norris

Michael Norris is a building design facilitator who aims to simplify the process of building sustainably. Working with various other leading professionals in the sector Michael aims to help facilitate the process at any point during the building journey.

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Advanced Energy Resources

Advanced Energy Resources (AER) is a diverse West Australian solar installer, electricity retailer, power generator and project developer with extensive experience in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy power stations.

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