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Why should I build a passive solar house?

Around 2000 dollars would be spent on energy annually by a typical Australian household in Western Australia, with about half of that amount going towards heating and cooling the home in the winter and summer. With a passive solar home, you may design and build the house to use the sun's and the wind's energy to heat and cool the home, helping you to save money on your energy costs overall. 


Another advantage of a passive solar home is that due to the style it was designed it allows the summer breeze to enter the house and flush out any dangerous build-up, such as poisonous gas. This makes life in a passive solar home more comfortable and healthy

What exactly is a passive solar home, and what factors should be taken into account while building one?

A passive solar home is a regular home that makes use of natural heating and cooling sources to provide a home with long-term comfort and minimal energy costs. It differs from other houses in that numerous building principles must be considered during the building process to properly construct a passive solar house on your property. The principles cover site orientation, building placement, room placement, window placement, home shading, insulation, and ventilation.

The location of your home must also be taken into account since the level of the sun will have an impact on the effectiveness of passive solar homes.

Is solar passive solar housing more expensive

The short answer is yes because taking into account additional factors would result in higher costs when compared to building a typical house. The cost of building a passive solar home would typically be 3–6% higher than that of a typical home.


The correct answer is no, over the life of the home, as building a passive solar home allows you to dramatically cut your energy consumption hence reducing the energy costs significantly each year when compared to building a typical home. Building a passive solar home would be less expensive when long-term savings are taken into account

What is the difference between active solar and passive solar

Both passive and active solar systems can be used to harness solar energy. A passive solar system maximizes the use of heat or light coming directly from the sun through the placement, design, or selection of materials.Active solar is a system that actively transforms the energy of the sun into electricity to power the home. It does this by using technology like solar panels

How to change my house blueprint into an energy-efficient house.

If you're interested in learning more, go to the government's official website to learn how to build a passive solar home. 


To assist you in developing a better home, another strategy is to identify a building designer with knowledge and a track record of converting conventional housing designs into energy-efficient homes

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