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Home-owner Interviews

The Comfortable Home Project shares the stories of Aussies living in passive solar homes in the hope of promoting sustainable and climate appropriate housing in WA.

Ian and Wendy talk about their passive solar house in Bullcreek. It was a really cold winters day here in Perth but it was  perfectly toasty warm inside the house. They had built a passive solar designed house back in the 80's and so were able to apply some of what they learned from that when it came time to rebuild. Solar Dwellings designer, Griff Morris used the principles of universal design to give them the perfect aging in place house. and a running cost of 40 dollars a month with no solar panels makes the it an ideal home for a retired couple living on a fixed income. 

Kim's very cozy home. Kim works as an energy assessor so he has been using his home as a science project to work out how to make it more energy efficient. It was a very cold winter's morning but it was toasty and warm inside, with all the film crew in their stocking feet because the floor, still holding the heat from the day before, despite being 2 degrees Celsius overnight was so toasty warm. Have a watch to learn about the things Kim has done to make his already well designed home more comfortable.

Greg & Alice's Fremantle Dream House. Every detail of Greg an Alice's house was planned in advance to be both comfortable throughout the year and beautiful. The concertina, Double glazed doors at the rear give a sense of bringing the outside and the inside together and effectively doubling the entertainment space. Motorized, triangle windows at the peak of the roof can be opened to flush out the days heat in summer. The beautiful polished concrete floor full of stones and shells from all over the world hold the days heat and let it radiate back out through the night in winter keeping the family cozy and warm

Keith sits with Sue to discuss her passive solar designed house that is both warn during winter and cool during summer. 

In this video, Keith sits down with Manuela, an architect, to discuss how she designed and built her own comfortable home.  

Here Keith talks to Mark Drexell to discuss his inner-city passive solar designed house. Although small, the amount of space he creates is incredible.

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