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The Henry Project, A Co-Living Venture


The Henry Project is pioneering a new model of housing. It is the idea of multiple households living together in one location.

The Henry Project helps homeowners to modify existing homes, or build new homes, that allow multiple households to live together, 'under one roof'.

The Henry Project can help individuals, households and extended families explore the concept of shared housing, provide advice on modifying or building shared houses, design practical cost effective solutions for shared houses and facilitate the development of building projects.

Australians build some of the largest homes in the world, and yet household sizes in this country are decreasing. A significant number of people are living in homes with many spare rooms.

The Henry Project wants to encourage people to start thinking about sharing under-utilised space.

Led by a registered and practising architect, The Henry Project has the expertise necessary to adapt and build homes to suit the needs of multiple households. Consideration is given to how each household can live independently ‘under one roof’ with shared spaces in common areas.

Our homes play a massive role in how connected or isolated we feel. Being socially well connected is a powerful factor contributing to our wellbeing.

The Henry Project offers a way for homes to provide better social connection, within the home and on the street.

The Henry Project is built on a passion to design homes and shared spaces that foster ongoing positive interaction between residents and neighbours. The communities these spaces enable can become the key to an improved quality of life.

Houses in Australia are amongst the most unaffordable in the world. International measures consistently rank our housing markets as 'severely unaffordable', with none considered 'affordable'.

The Henry Project offers a way for multiple parties to share ownership of a single dwelling.

Co-ownership allows new homeowners into the market and helps existing homeowners to share rising costs. An existing homeowner can sell a portion of their home to one or more households. This means they can share not only the capital costs of the property, but also all the everyday running and maintenance costs. A new homeowner can buy a share of an existing home, making home ownership affordable,

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