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Solar Dwellings - Raising the benchmark for Passive Solar Design


Solar Dwellings are a Perth based sustainable home company on a mission to minimise the impact on the environment and raise the benchmark for sustainable home design. Since established in 1991, Solar Dwellings have won over 70 prestigious industry awards, including the Bankwest’s housing excellence award and the best waterwise home award in 2020.
Solar Dwellings was founded by Griff Morris, who has been researching home sustainability since 1976. You can find our interview with him below.

Griff and his team personally design homes to meet the needs of individuals with sustainability in mind. Using sound design principles, Solar Dwellings homes use the nine elements of sustainable design to keep energy consumption costs to a minimum. To find out more about the nine elements of sustainable home design make sure to check out their website!

Contact Information





0894 444 400

23 Green St, Mt Hawthorn 6016

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